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- AZX GrouP / deVeLoPer -

AZX is arguably the most active player in the Melbourne property market, having acquired some of the most significant and unique new landholdings within the CBD, Docklands and inner fringe suburbs. With a line-up of projects due to launch in 2015 and 2016, the group’s voracious approach to developing premium properties is clear, with quality and proficiency always at the forefront of their continued success. With a current head office in Melbourne and future plans to expand to Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, AZX Group is certainly laying the foundations to become the most significant developer in the country.

- the BuchAn GrouP / ArchItects & InterIor desIGners -

The Buchan Group is a global architectural group, with a staff of almost 400 professionals. The Group is recognised for its design excellence and depth of experience in all sectors. We operate across seven locations in Australia and New Zealand, and we also have offices in London, Shanghai and Dubai.

Our founding principles are excellence in design and delivery, and an abiding commitment to sustainability. We believe that creativity and vision, blended with analysis and pragmatism, are the essence of good design.